Asset Management Residential

At Embassy, we believe, our greatest asset is our ability to develop and sustain relationships. Over the years, we have constantly reinforced the values of performance, professionalism and excellence to build relationships that form the bedrock of our legacy.

This relationship-centric ethos is at the heart of our Asset Management Program. As the preeminent developer of business parks in the country, Embassy partners with global clients to provide built-to-suit facilities and asset management, with 30 million sq ft presently under management. Through a blend of expertise, strategies and a value-driven approach. Embassy maximizes property value and investment returns for clients. The excellent client relationships and repeat space acquisitions across business parks speak for Embassy’s ability to deliver value.

Drawing on its vast domain expertise, Embassy brings asset management to the residential space. Working closely with you to offer personalized end-to-end solutions, Embassy will help turn your address into an high-performing asset.

The Embassy Asset Management advantage

As a market leader in asset development, count on Embassy to deliver high - performance asset management.

Conceived to be an extension of owners' interests, Embassy's Asset Management pairs deep industry knowledge and a passion for excellence to offer a unique value-creation perspective.

We believe, the good life deserves better returns. The brand equity that we enjoy as leaders in premium residences paired with excellent locations, bespoke lifestyle experiences and sustainability make our properties a destination for seekers of luxury and premium residences on rent, presenting excellent potential for high-yield returns.

Our long-standing and excellent relationships with leading global and Indian business entities – many of who are Fortune 500 companies - affords a ready database of prospective corporate and high-profile tenants.

A one-stop-shop for your asset management needs, Embassy has a dedicated team with a single point of contact. Clients can count on end-to-end services from professional advice, customized solutions, rental agreements, collections, maintenance, and more.

Our focus on tenant satisfaction and retention encompasses a hassle-free moving-in and settling process facilitated by a director of residences and a designated single-point of contact for resolution of maintenance issues.

Why Embassy Asset management?

  • Managing more than 30 million sq ft. of office, residential, industrial, hospitality and retail properties, of which, 2.4 million sq ft. of managed commercial space under asset management.
  • One-stop-shop for asset management services.
  • Dedicated asset management team with a single point of contact.
  • Knowledge experts offering customised solutions.
  • Tenants are identified through corporate tie-ups with Fortune 500 firms and global relocation firms.
  • Remotely located owners can count on end-to-end asset management services without having to visit the property.
  • Advanced software platforms enable efficient data mining and results.
  • Focus on tenant satisfaction and retention.
  • Cost optimization and reduced expenses on maintenance.
  • Reputed professional advisors and consultants on board.

Flow of services

Account management

Leasing and tenancy management. Identification of tenants, facilitating site-inspection, leasing negotiation and signing

Property and risk management. Statutory & legal guidelines.

Utility services


Rentals, Resale & enabling interior design

Scope of services


While representing a property owner, we endeavour to advance the interests of the owner, while enhancing the reputation of the property at all times. As the owner’s representative, Embassy shall arrange for the invoicing, collection and payments of all revenue and expenditures due to or payable by the owner, whether under lease or otherwise, in accordance with the terms and conditions. As a part of this practice, Embassy shall issue rental accounts to tenants including details of all charges due, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the respective leases. Additionally, we shall actively track and attend to payments of taxes and statutory assessments relating to the property.


On behalf of the owner, the Embassy Asset Management team shall find tenants, manage the tenancy and assist in the resale without the need for the owner to expend any effort by enlisting its strong marketing team. On such occasions, the team shall be responsible for negotiations of pricing and terms of the lease with a prospective Tenant; and thereon the execution and registration of such lease agreements. The team shall also assist the owner in renewing the said lease. EAM will manage the tenants of that property on an ongoing basis and present as a single point of contact for occupier/lessee representatives. As a part of our endeavour to ensure owners are well informed, the Embassy team shall review and report on his / her current portfolio status on regular basis, identifying future expiries, renewals, prospects and recommend a suitable strategy in accordance with the plan as agreed with the owner. Further, we shall supervise, control and use reasonable endeavours to procure the observance by the tenants of the conditions of their tenancies; and advise the owner of any default on the part of any tenant.

The EAM residential team will serve as a single point of contact for all tenants and will be responsible for managing a hassle free hand over of the property. Further during the time of Repartition, the EAM residential team shall ensure a smooth and effective take over of the property in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Lease. This service shall also be extended to disconnection of utilities and collection of the security deposit.


As a part of the annual business plan, Embassy shall make such recommendations concerning any opportunities to enhance or improve the Property through interiors, development or extensions, or the negotiation of surrenders and reconfiguration of space for its consideration. Further, we shall refer and make recommendations concerning the appointment of any consultants, professional teams or contractors including the terms of such appointments or contracts and the basis of any fees, costs or expenses that are proposed relating to any proposed development opportunities.

An essential component of our services, the team shall always work towards ensuring that adequate risk measurements are in place to protect the owner’s best interests and ensure the property’s longevity. Here, we shall define and implement policies around safety, environmental and governance guidelines. These programs are endeavoured to be complaint with legal, statutory or governance guidelines.


The benefit of employing Embassy’s Asset Management team can also be extended to reviewing of statutory and governance related guidelines and policies. The scope of this service would include reviewing all statutory assessments in respect of the property and making recommendations to the owner where it believes a challenge or an appeal of any assessments is appropriate.

The team will act as an advisory to enforce the performance of all laws applicable to Tenants, contractors or consultants concerning their behaviour conduct in the property. Additionally, we shall also ensure that the owner is made aware of necessary compliances whether legal, governance or statutory.


The scope of our Asset Management service is designed to be comprehensive. We also make recommendations to the Owner concerning a promotion and marketing strategy for the Property. The EAM residential team shall promote a said property amongst its existing contacts, including but not limited to corporates / MNCs, channel partners and other potential tenants. The team shall appoint brokers referred by Embassy.

End-to-end value creation STATUTORY


Introduction of the residential team to the owner


Marketing the property through existing channels. Identifying a tenant; identification of a broker, channel partner, etc


Lease negotiation & signing aligned to the owner’s perspective. Inventory check & handover. Registration when required lease renewals. Generation of invoices, security deposit collections, collection of rents.


Daily maintenance of the property – utility repairs, building repairs (plumbing, structural, carpentry). Overseen by a building manager and in coordination with ESPL/ sub-vendors.


Utilities set-up (gas, telephone, cable, internet, water and electricity) in coordination with the building manager, with the owner's perspective in fo


Introducing to professional interior designer who can curate & customize the solutions to your needs


Termination of lease and collection of the security deposit. Disconnection of all utilities and settling of pending bills, when required. Inventory check – walkthrough & handover.


Financial reports such as ledger statements. Property updates to owners and tenants.


Property tax payments and compliance with other government guidelines.


Vendor registration forms, tenant requirements.