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About Lounge Hospitality

Lounge Hospitality are a team of young, passionate professionals who aim to create a lasting impression on Bengaluru’s already flourishing food and restaurant scene.

The two restaurant brands, Sanchez and Sriracha are present in UB city in the heart of Bengaluru and also in Indranagar and serves over 10,000 patrons each month.

Sanchez Restaurante and Cantina is a popular Mexican restaurant located at UB City, Bangalore.

Sanchez’s offering includes an array of authentic Mexican and Tex Mex dishes, along with a bar dedicated to one of the finest Mexican export – Tequila and Margarita.

Chef Vikas Seth has curated the menu of the restaurant after having traveled to the culinary hotspots of Mexico, visiting the homes of renowned Mexican chefs and local markets. To name a few, live Guacamole prepared at table, Mexican Ceviche made with the ‘fresh catch of the day’ fish, Homemade Mexican Chorizo Tamale, the Sanchez Burrito Bowls, Ajillo Smokey Chipotle Chicken, Zucchini, Corn Jalapeño Baked Potato skins and oozing Churros. A meal at the restaurant is incomplete without Sanchez’s sumptuous signature dessert, Tres Leches.

“Sanchez Restaurante and Cantina is a lively Mexican Restaurant that brings you a scrumptious slice of Mexican heritage and cuisine, in all its unique flavours, textures and aromas; and dishes that have never made it past the Mexican borders. It is a true representation of our food philosophy of keeping it fresh and flavoursome. At Sanchez, dining isn’t about reliving the charms of the oldest Aztec culture and its culinary brilliance, it is about creating an experience with emotions and delicious food” says Chef Vikas Seth.

Lounge Hospitality’s second Mexican restaurant, Sanchez Taquería and Cantina is a cozy and upbeat space defined by a bold, contemporary Mexican vibe that fits right into the cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Indiranagar, Bengaluru.

The menu, curated by Chef Vikas Seth takes you on a trip to taquerías around Mexico to give you a taste of dishes that are rooted in authenticity yet offering a slice of modernity. The live taquería offers a variety of tacos with unconventional twists, rolled at a live counter right before you. Made with natural colours and ingredients, Chef Seth blends traditional flavours of Mexico with his trademark Sanchez touch.

Besides tacos, there are the widely popular avocado toasts made from in-house Bolillo bread with a bunch of Sanchez’s tasty interpretations to it.

The dessert section of the menu provides the ultimate indulgence. Handpicked by the Chef, each dessert is designed to surprise your taste buds. The Chocolate Nachos, the decadent Dark Chocolate Guacamole (also available in a vegan option) and the Dulce de leche Ice Cream Taco are must trys.

This contemporary pan Asian eatery offers two distinctive experiences – the live Robatayaki grill and Cambodian Khmer cuisine that will create a mark in the culinary landscape of the city.

The extensive menu, designed by Chef Vikas Seth traces a path taken by our chefs across the Orient, making stops at Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and the relatively gastronomically unexplored Cambodia and the culinary world’s hot-spot, Singapore. The creations on the menu seamlessly blend the age-old East Asian traditions with the new.

The restaurant is an ode to the Robata Grill with the classic Sriracha twist to it. You can watch our chefs expertly showcasing their skills to create robust grills with intense flavours at the Robata. Try grills like the Fresh Turmeric & Red Chili King Prawns with plum and pineapple salsa, the Scallops with Togarshi dust, the Pork Belly Char Siu, the Shitake Mushroom in garlic soy butter and Pandan Leaf Wrapped Cottage Cheese.

Another highlight is that for the first time in India you will get to experience the characteristic Charcoal Khmer Barbeque straight from Cambodia. Smoke tinted flavours of the meats are derived from the traditional Cambodian grill which is placed on a live charcoal “Phnom Plung” or “Fire Mountain” surrounded with soup on the outside.

Sriracha in UB City brings to Bengaluru an eclectic selection of Asian cuisine.

The extensive menu is designed using culinary nuggets chosen by chefs in the restaurant while traversing different countries of Asia. Curated by Chef Vikas Seth, Sriracha offers a slice of gastronomic perfection – from the stunning Thailand to vibrant Hong Kong, culturally rich Indonesia to the culinary world’s biggest hotspot, Singapore – in its menu. The offerings are a fascinating melange between the traditional and the new.

Inspired by contemporary Asian design, the interiors of the restaurant showcase the eight countries that Sriracha represents in its branding. A mural commissioned to Krack’n Studio illustrates iconic pan Asian imagery with a contemporary twist. The composition is dreamy interspersed with quirky elements and the protagonist’s attire evolves into a dragon that also forms the “S” shape – a reference to Sriracha.

Chef Vikas Seth has created a menu with an endless variety of appetisers, mains, desserts and cocktails that give an explosion of Pan Asian flavours. The highlight dishes are – Sriracha’s Som Tam – Green Papaya Salad made live at the table, Banana Blossom Salad, Steamed Open Buns (Bao), Wild Mushroom Purple Dumplings, Coffee Rubbed Pork Riblets With Green Apple Slaw, Cantonese Roast Chicken, Khow Suey and Sumatra Dark chocolate mousse. There is a separate menu for Sushi that features Maki, Nigiri and Sushi boats in non vegetarian and vegetarian options. There is also a very special menu and interesting activity placemats for kids to keep them entertained.