Assistant Manager Lead Management – Residential Real Estate


REPORTING MANAGER: Assistant General Manager, Marketing and Lead Management

Job Purpose: Capture details of new leads into Salesforce database, eliminate duplicates, establish contacts with them, research their profiles, pre-sell property options to generate a buying interest in them and pass on the qualified leads to Sales teams.

Key Responsibilities:

  • To upload details of new leads into Salesforce database and check for duplicate entries.
  • To establish contact with new leads and assess their potential to buy the Group’s property
  • To offer the different properties available and seek their response.
  • Based on interest shown in a particular property, actively promote it to generate buying interest.
  • In case of buying interest, confirm the same by contracting a site visit.
  • Qualify confirmed leads in the Salesforce database.
  • Capture the salient points of the interaction into the Salesforce database.
  • Allow the system to assign the qualified lead to a sales person and send a message on the same.
  • Generate monthly reports on no of leads by channel, percent qualified, percent converted to sale.
  • Generate other reports as advised by the Digital marketing Manager.

Key Interfaces:

  • Internal / Group
Business Heads, Functional Heads, Sales & Marketing teams, Marcom, Channel & Alliance Partner Head, CRM Teams
  • External
Prospects, Agency Partners.

Qualifications and Work Experience:

  • Graduate with 4-5 years experience in telemarketing. Proficiency in researching through internet using social media and web pages.

Knowledge, Skills and Competencies:

  • Fluency in spoken English.
  • Pleasant and engaging tone of voice.
  • Listening & Responsiveness.
  • Adept at using internet to search and collate information.
  • Quick to grasp product features and articulate the same clearly.
  • Eye for detail and precision.
  • Expertise in use of Salesforce database for storage and retrieval of data.
  • Trained in telephone manners.
  • Numeric ability.
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