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About Us


As one of the leading developers in India, Embassy Group has consistently raised the bar in the real estate landscape. With a portfolio of the finest Commercial, Residential, Retail, Hospitality and Industrial Warehouse spaces, today the name Embassy has become synonymous with the highest standards of quality and truly world-class experiences. Built on this legacy of excellence, Embassy Interiors is an endeavour focused towards breathing new life into living spaces to create completely tailor-made environs that elevate everyday moments into the realm of the extraordinary.

Behold as a combination of cutting edge technology, inspiring creativity and intricate attention to detail transforms interior ideas into breathtaking reality, delivering a lasting impression and capturing the imaginations of all who step inside. Exceeding the lofty expectations of our discerning clientele, with the finest handpicked materials, the impeccable skills of the most elite craftsmen and a myriad of post-installation services, we give rise to spaces that can only be described as timeless masterpieces. In tune with the spirit of innovation that characterizes Embassy Group, we are never content with past achievements, always seeking new ways to reimagine the home as a style statement that reflects the personalities and the lifestyles of the inhabitants.



With the expertise and experience that is the hallmark of our network of master architects and designers, we provide holistic bespoke interior solutions fit for the most refined tastes.

Tailor-made Interior Design Concept

We focus on effectively conveying the individual’s vision for their space, while articulating the overall ambience by adding interactive touches to embody the customer’s lifestyle.

Space Designs

Space design plays a very crucial role in balancing the visual weight, keeping in mind the seven key elements in interior design: Space, Line, Form, Light, Colour, Texture and Pattern.

Modular Kitchen and Wardrobes

Clean and efficient modular kitchen concepts and wardrobes designed around specific use case scenarios perfectly blend form and function to create intuitive experiences.

Soft Furnishings

We help in sourcing the ideal furnishings be it furniture, drapery and linens from trusted partners, along with the best resources keeping the design brief in mind, while ensuring the highest quality, at the right price.


When thinking about the flow, ambience and atmosphere in your home, lighting can be one of the most fundamental elements, with the combination of light and shadow helping to sculpt the space through interactions between the decor and thoughtfully positioned lights.

Wall Décor and Painting

With expert advice for decorating your walls, from vibrant wall treatment ideas to pro techniques for hanging pictures, the dream home becomes a reality through wall designs that are the focal point of any room.

Site Supervision

We provide you with professional interior supervision, specifically tailored to facilitate the successful completion of your project, with highly experienced personnel who can effectively control every aspect of interior work.

Electrical and Plumbing

All our work is fully guaranteed and signed off by our highly qualified and registered engineers, ensuring the highest levels of durability and quality.

Landscaping and Outdoor Solutions

We offer design, planning and execution of outdoor spaces for leisure with many interesting options to consider for entertaining friends and family, or we could create a lush garden perfect for moments of relaxation and reflection.

Installation and Project Management

We do far more than decorate the space; we manage the entire project from the blueprint stage to the finishing touches, guiding clients in the right direction, keeping the project within budget, and making decisions that are right for them – the first time.

Remodelling and Home Improvement Solutions

Whether you are hoping for a complete transformation in your home’s existing floor plan or a small-scale change, we can design and implement your vision.

Customer Journey


For us it’s not just about the destination; the journey is also an integral part of what defines us. While an exquisitely finished interior is the end result, we believe how you get there makes the real difference. Here’s how the vision becomes reality…

Extending a warm welcome

It all begins with the first impression, the first contact that sets off an awe-inspiring process of transformation, giving rise to an inspiring interior and a lasting relationship.

Going beyond every limit

When it comes to choices, we don’t believe in limits. With professional expertise and insights into the individual tastes of our customers, the possibilities are endless for shaping unique ideas into stunning personalized interiors.

Delivering on the promise

The perfect interior is the result of the convergence of a creative outlook and a highly efficient approach that ensures on-time delivery of exquisite designs that can only be described as works of art. An emphasis on efficiency in every step of the execution process creates the groundwork for effective on-site management and supervision by our specialized team.

Always at your service

The experience does not end with the finished interior, but continues over the years with the exemplary after-sales service, encompassing everything from assistance for repairs to integration of existing projects.

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