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Bangalore Pizza Company

Bangalore's home-grown pizza place safely delivering, wood fired oven pizza and pillowy soft focaccia bread. Crispy crust, velvety sauce and re-invented toppings using garden fresh, regional, seasonal produce.

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“This place is a no brainer for pizza lovers. Loved the pizza bread. Great toppings and taste. One of the best pizzas I've had.”

-Sreejith C

“Undoubtedly they are the best place to order wood fired pizza. They have very precise and distinct menu that would entice any pizza lover. Especially the menu is curated with the lot of thoughts.”

-Swapna Saha

“I can honestly say one of the best pizzas that actually match the international grab a pizza standards. Loved the cheese, generous amount of topping in one case bacon. Overall very pleasant experience.”

-Ragesh Radhakrishnan
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