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Food Court Management

We provide food court development; from leasing and kitchen solutions, the curation of the restaurant portfolio and adherence to brand guidelines.

A multi-level portfolio of services that take care of every big or small detail of a well-managed food court. A combination of result-oriented consultancy services and efficient operational set ups including curating commercially valued, specialised menus to tailor-made food court concepts and even the day-to-day management essentials. Visit us at The Food Court at Embassy Techvillage, Bangaloreand Embassy Splendid Tech Zone, Chennai for experience this hopsitality.

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High-End Residential Club & Villas Management

Our team ensures the smooth functioning of various divisions, exceptional food and beverage offerings and curates experiences that provide a sense of belonging to residents.

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We strive to achieve the highest standard of community-building through a series of elevated quality management practices. For first-hand experience of our services, you can visit Embassy Pristine, Embassy Boulevard & Embassy Lake Terraces.

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“The fitness coach is incredibly professional and efficient and manages to give individual attention to everyone.

-Zoha Merchant

The club manager is always ready with a smile and no request is too big, he is helpful and efficient and his team never let any negativity take over their spirit - and for this I appreciate them greatly.

-Mukta Goyal

Everything was just perfect, The community just came together. Kudos to the ladies, who organized everything so very well.

-Easwaran Narayan

The Diwali celebration would not have been possible without the constant support of people who lent us a helping hand.

-Rashmi Bharati

The fitness coach has helped me a lot in progressing towards my fitness goals. He has been thorough and a constant source of motivation since the day we started.

-Paarth Dhar

Thank you for the awesome support that was extended to us, We could not have pulled off this event without all your help.

-Pavana Suryanarayanan

Great organising skills, Attentive & helpful teamwork!

-Pamela Sunayana

During all our events our club manager diligently worked hard and made sure everything was setup according to what we had instructed. If we had entrusted him with a task we did not need to follow up because he would have done it exactly as we had imagined.

-Meethu Jose
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