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Our aim is to provide holistic interventions in Education, Health, Life Skills, Sports, Scholarships, Skill Development and more to underprivileged children in a safe learning environment. We strive to enhance the learning experience for students through extra-curricular activities – from education trips and summer camps to talent development and inter-school competitions.

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  • 14

    New government schools are built and 4 in progress
  • 1059

    Students enrolled in our alumni program
  • 16

    Alumni from our adopted government schools employed by Embassy
  • 15

    Government schools benefited from our education programs
  • 6033

    Students benefitted
  • 190

    Students across 8 Anganwadis benefit from education programs
  • 1655

    Students across 50 rural schools received education initiatives
  • 227

    Students received scholarships to pursue Undergraduate Degrees, including 74 girls for engineering

Education Initiatives

CSR - Education | Embassy
  • Maths through Computers
  • English
  • Sports
  • Life Skills
  • E-Classrooms
  • After-School Tuitions
Corporate Social Responsibility | Embassy
  • Educational Out-bound Trips
  • Summer Camps
  • Counselling & Yoga
  • Annual Distribution
  • Mentoring
  • Scholarship Program
Community Outreach - Renovated Class Rooms | Embassy
  • Renovation and Repair
  • Setting Up of Library, Science and Computers Labs
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Daily School Maintenance
  • School Buses

Health Initiatives

Embassy aims to educate government school students in preventive health care, healthy habits, toilet etiquette, improving resilience to common illnesses, and general wellbeing, to ensure better educational outcomes and a brighter future for all. From initiatives such as preventive health awareness sessions, sports programmes, and nutritional support to comprehensive health screenings and medical interventions, we cover every aspect of the students’ health and hygiene needs while also instilling a sense of responsibility amongst them.

To deepen our impact, we have partnered with a consortium of corporates and NGOs, including Oracle Cerner, Cognizant, Swiss Re, and Bangalore North Round Table Trust 25, to enhance the health and hygiene conditions of 93 government schools in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Noida, and Pune.

Health Highlights

  • 93

    Government Schools Benefited from Health & Hygiene Interventions
  • 41471

    Students Benefited from Health & Hygiene Program
  • 37298

    Health Kits Distributed Throughout the year across all Schools
  • 400000

    Nutrition Supplements Distributed Every Year across all schools
  • 207

    Toilets Maintained on a Daily Basis
  • 314

    Classrooms Maintained on a Daily Basis
  • 21

    RO Drinking Water Units Installed in Government Schools
  • 22

    Government Schools benefit from Daily Maintenance
  • 2371

    Free Dialysis provided in FY22-23
  • 4254

    Free Consultations provided in FY22-23
  • 79354

    Patients received free and subsidized consultations till date
  • 21378

    Patients received free dialysis till date
  • 21519

    Outreach programs conducted till date
Preventative Health & Hygiene Awareness

Preventative Health & Hygiene Awareness

To encourage the inculcation of good hygiene habits, students also receive a health kit at the beginning of the year, which contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, a tongue cleaner, shampoo, bathing and hand-wash soap, and a comb. Consumables such as toothpaste and toothbrushes are replaced twice during the school year.



As good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy weight and reducing the risk of chronic diseases. We provide a nutritional snack to students after school thrice a week.

School Maintenance, Repairs & Renovations

School Maintenance, Repairs & Renovations

In addition to ensuring that the Government Schools we have adopted benefit from infrastructure upgradation, we also provide daily school and toilet maintenance to ensure that students receive an environment conducive to learning.

Clean Drinking Water & Handwashing Facilities

Clean Drinking Water & Handwashing Facilities

With the prevalence of water-borne diseases, we ensure that our Government Schools have access to clean drinking water and handwashing facilities.

Community Outreach - Sports | Embassy


Sports is an integral part of the programs we offer in Government Schools, with the aim of encouraging students to keep fit and active.

Health Screening

Students receive a comprehensive health screening, along with an electronic health record and a printed health report. Counselling for parents is also provided.