COVID-19 Relief Measures by Embassy

At the very core of Embassy Group’s ethos is support for our communities. Consistent with those beliefs, Embassy undertook various initiatives during this trying period across the country to mitigate the damaging impacts of Covid-19 on our communities.

Throughout and post the national and state lockdowns, Embassy has worked to bolster those disproportionately affected by the virus – the poor, the marginalised, our migrant workers, daily wage earners, and our frontline and healthcare workers.

Our employees at Embassy have also played a vital role in assisting those in need, donating 72 lakhs from their salaries towards Covid-19 relief efforts. Under our Corporate Connect program, we were able to mobilise our business park corporate occupiers to partner with us, committing 82 lakhs towards our wide-reaching collaborative relief initiatives.

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Supporting Police Forces and Healthcare Workers Pan-India

At the forefront of containing the pandemic, Embassy Office Parks has instituted a variety of initiatives for police personnel and healthcare workers across the country to aid them in conducting their duties in a safe and sanitary manner. With our frontline heroes overworked on a daily basis, these initiatives aimed at easing their jobs through the provision of much-needed protective equipment and other forms of support.

Personal Protective Equipment and Other Forms of Support

50,140 hand sanitizers
1,57,300 protective masks
1,50,400 nutritional snacks provided to police forces across the nation
Distribution of multivitamin supplements to 3,000 police personnel in Pune
13,700 PPE kits for police forces and healthcare workers of Mumbai
Provision of 900 protective sunglasses to the Bengaluru Police Force

11 hydration stations across the country

Open since the beginning of the lockdown at City-based Embassy offices where police personnel can receive drinking water, snacks, coffee and tea, access to first aid, sanitisers and toilets. Hydration stations are currently operational in Mumbai and Pune, and were open during the lockdown in Bengaluru, Noida and Chennai.

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Distribution of Dry Rations and Cooked Meals

In keeping with ethos of caring for the communities around us, Embassy has provided dry rations and cooked food amounting to over 5.6 lakh meals to alleviate the suffering of underprivileged sections of society during and after the national and state lockdown.

3 rounds of ration distribution to 2,000 families of our 17 adopted Government Schools

Dry rations for construction workers, migrant workers, daily wage earners and their families across Embassy sites and 17 geographies across Banaglore and Bhiwandi, Maharashtra

Over 66,500 cooked meals for daily wage workers and healthcare professionals in 3 geographies in Bangalore

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Support for the Government of Karnataka, Department of Education

Ensuring the health and safety of the around 9.2 lakh students, invigilators and evaluators attending this year’s Karnataka SSLC examinations, Embassy jointly with L&T Technology Services, AXA XL Business Services, Cognizant and Cerner, provided sanitizers for every day of the exams. In Bangalore, Embassy provided dispensers, protective gloves and temperature gauges to our adopted Government Schools as well as conducted deep cleaning and sanitization of the exam halls and school grounds.

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