We drive positive change by providing infrastructure-based solutions with new frontline services for environmental sustainability and community healthcare, we promote grassroot results to global problems in the communities we are a part of.

Embassy is a proud partner of TAICT’s (The Anonymous Indian Charitable Trust) Ecogram Waste Management Project, which aims to catalyse communities to develop and implement strategic infrastructure for sustainable environmental management.

In addition to our Bangalore Rural waste management initiatives, we also work to contribute to communities around our office parks through public space enhancement, clean-up drives that actively involve our Corporate communities, improving access to healthcare solutions and provision of improved basic amenities for sustained community transformation.



hotspots and 6 Government Schools repainted and transformed


villages in North Bangalore adopted under the ECOGRAM initiative


of patient footfall at Sarvagna Health Care Institute receive free dialysis treatment


segregation of wet and dry waste achieved
Public Spaces clean-up in Bangalore

80+ hotspots cleaned up and beautified around Embassy Manyata Business Park, Embassy TechVillage, Embassy International Riding School and Embassy GolfLinks

Sri Shankara Foundation Mobile Cancer Detection Unit

Donation of a mobile cancer detection unit, with the aim of serving the rural populations of Karnataka by assisting with early detection and other medical support.

Installation of Segregated Garbage Bins in Bangalore Central Business District

In partnership with the BBMP, Embassy Group installed 24 segregated submersible garbage bins as part of a pilot project to provide adequate waste management infrastructure to citizens.

Donated 2 Milk Vans for Akshaya Patra Mid-Day Meal Deliveries

Aligning with our efforts to focus on Health and nutrition, we donated 2 vans that allow for delivery of milk to 12,000 government school students daily as a part of the mid-day meal initiative

Sponsorship of Dr. Ramana Rao’s Free Village Clinic

Embassy has sponsored the operations of the clinic, construction of two rooms for drug storage and a tractor with a water tanker. Dr. Ramana Rao and his team treat over 1,200 patients from 350 villages in Bangalore North every Sunday at the clinic.

The Ugly Indian

We plan to expand the Hebbal Tech Hub Transformation to 100 hotspots around Embassy Manyata Business Park. Embassy is also collaborating with The Ugly Indians and The National Highway Authority of India to transform 100 under-flyover pillars. To empower our partners and create sustainable change, Embassy also funds a team that maintains previously transformed hotspots.


We are supporting TAICT to develop EcoHub, an environmental centre and waste management site servicing villages in North Bangalore. The Hub will facilitate programs for livelihood and educational enhancement, environmental research and development, and will engage the community in sustainable living initiatives.

Collection of wet and dry waste in North Bangalore

With our NGO partner, TAICT, we have implemented a daily waste collection system along with a robust awareness campaign in 7 of the villages in the Bettahalasuru Panchayat in North Bangalore. The plan is to continue to expand this program to the remaining 3 villages of the Panchayat and implement this template around Bangalore.

Sarvagna Dialysis Health Care Centre

Embassy Group funds for the Sarvagna Health Care Instituate which provides residents of slums and other urban poor with free dialysis and other subsidized health care.