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Lean & Strong Organization
With a total employee strength of a little over 550, Embassy is a lean and strong organization as we believe our focus on development is our expertise.

Diverse Talent Pool
At Embassy we have a diverse talent pool from various sectors like Infrastructure, Banking, Retail, Hospitality which brings in a rich talent pool that enables cross leveraging strengths and capabilities.

Legacy on Policies
In our effort to provide a truly spectacular employee experience, we have implemented many HR welfare policies that have subsequently been made mandatory.

Talent Retention
In an Industry such as Real Estate where attrition is high, our focus on talent retention is commendable. Achieved through empowerment, in grown leaders, flat structure, B- school learning, rewards and recognitions.

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Why work with us?

In today’s dynamic digital transformation era, we firmly believe that people are the greatest assets of a company and the success of the company is driven by the happiness index of its employees. The employees take pride in the organization, feel connected to the Group’s vision and mission enabling the business to scale newer heights. Employees are addressed as “Embassadors” of Embassy, carrying with them the ethos of the organization in their professional life at Embassy.

The 4 pillars of Embassy’s People:

Culture fitment
We can teach someone to do a job, but we cannot teach someone to love the way we operate. We ensure sharing common goals and alignment with Embassy’s mission and values.

Invest in physical & emotional well being
Investment in self is a true reflection of the investment an employee has towards the organization. At Embassy, we also provide opportunities and benefits for employees to lead a healthy lifestyle.

We believe that employability is less about what you already know and more about your capacity to learn. Employees with an ability to develop in demand skills and adapt to change; and leverage on the training modules we provide.

Employees that remain focused on the future and their role in creating it. At Embassy, we ensure processes that enable organizational agility by supporting dynamic change and rapid response to environmental stimuli which serve as the key strategic differentiators.