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Asset Management

Asset management services take place once construction of a project is complete and includes activities such as building management to operate, maintain and manage the buildings and common areas; lease and renewal management, liaising with tenants to attend to their complaints and queries, identifying new tenants, as well as the supervision and collection of rents.

It also consists of maintaining accounting records, managing insurance and making statutory filing for companies which own the respective project; marketing activities such as advertising and promotional activities, structuring new leasing terms and financing activities such as restructuring the indebtedness related to our projects.

We also actively manage our completed commercial projects, including by maintaining a dialogue with our clients to learn how the projects may be improved. For example, we have refurbished certain fit outs, enhanced security systems and added environmentally friendly features (such as rain-water harvesting) at certain projects including Embassy Golf Links Business Park and Manyata Embassy Business Park.